Samakawa Migration Agency

Migration To Canada

Under the supervision of Samaneh Kauai, an official member of the Canadian Immigration Advisory Board

Samakawa Migration Agency

Legal Immigration to Canada

Under the supervision of Samaneh Kauai

Official member of the Canadian Immigration Advisory Board

Costs of immigration cases

The Cost of Immigration to Canada One of the important questions that every applicant is faced with when starting their way to Canada is that

Accommodation and arrival

Full service description after your arrival in Canada Pre-flight Advice: About Mobile Cash, Prohibited Goods, Freight Forwarding from Iran

Note Officer HP

If your case has been resubmitted If you would like to know the exact reason for resubmitting your case, if you intend to re-file it,

Canadian Resume Preparation

To find a job in Canada, preparing a Canadian Resume in a format approved by the country comes first. We have a video

Representatives of Samakawa

Receiving Samakawa Migration Agency Representative Given the high demand for representation through partner companies and people willing to work in the field

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The assets required for the Atlantic program

The assets required for the Atlantic program

The assets required for the Atlantic program

In the job migration method, the assets required for the Atlantic program are one of the things you need to document

Atlantic Migration Program

Atlantic Migration Program

Atlantic Migration Program (AIPP)

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) pilot project is an immigration program offered to employers in four Canadian Atlantic provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland).

New Brunswick Immigration Program

New Brunswick Practical Population Growth Plan from Year 1 to Year 2

New Brunswick Migration Program, Boosting Growth by Investing in New Brunswick People Has a Growth Strategy and a New Business Strategy: Growth Strategy

Cost of living in Canada

Cost of living in Canada

Canada has gained notoriety for its benefits such as public health services, a progressive government, and the good and kind behavior of its citizens. What

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (French: Île-du-Prince-Édouard) is one of the provinces of Canada consisting of an island of the same name and several other islands. Near New Brunswick

New Brunswick

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the four Atlantic Canadian provinces with a population of about nine. The pristine areas are abundant in this province. 1%

Immigration Lawyer to Canada

Immigration Lawyer to Canada

Colorful Immigration Ads, Promoting Slogans for Immigrants and the Sea Canadian Immigration Services Websites Not Just in Selecting a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

The value of the Canadian dollar

Canadian Dollar

You can see the latest Canadian dollar price in Iran today in the table below. As soon as any change in the CAD rate in Tehran, information

Job Jaffer

Job Offer

One of the paths that can lead to permanent residency and ultimately Canadian citizenship is having a valid job offer. If you would like via suggestion

Canadian Work Visa

Canadian Work Visa

Canada is one of the richest and richest countries in the world. This country covers an area of about 9 million km2 and is 6 times the size of Iran and later

Canadian Asylum

Canadian Asylum

Canada has accepted this fundamental human right since the signature of the Convention on the Status of Asylum in Canada (Geneva Convention).

Canadian Tourist Visa

Canadian Tourist Visa

Canada accepts more than 2 million people each year with a temporary Canadian visa (including a Canadian tourist visa). Everyone except Canadian citizens and permanent residents

If you are thinking of getting a tourist visa

Tourist Visa Training Webinar

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Opinions of our clients

The first day of the consultation was very compassionate and full of information and all the conditions that were relevant to my situation were examined. Samaneh Joon was happy to answer any of my questions even in the days following the interview. And I'm always aware of the latest immigration methods through him
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Samaneh Jan is amazing, honest and experienced and their information is complete and comprehensive. By following their content the eyes will become much more open to the facts. We were honest and patient in answering every single question